In Pursuit of The Highest Honor: Ballon D’ Or

Lionel Messi won the first three FIFA Ballons d'Or

Lionel Messi won the first three FIFA Ballons d’Or

The Ballon D’ Or is one of the most important individual trophy that a soccer player can get. Unfortunantly, there are many great players and it makes it even harder to get the Ballon D’ Or.

This year 23 great players have the oppurtinity to get the trophy. Since the 23 of the nominated players are world class players it would be a very diffficult desicion for who should win the Ballon D’ Or. There are 2 players that get this trophy constently Lionel Messi with 4 trophies and Cristiano Ronaldo with 3 trophies.

But this year the person that most deserves it is Robert Lewandoski striker of FC Bayern Munich and Poland. He has had an amazing season in the Bundesliga (German League) and in the Champions League ( most important european league). Lewandoski has scored 14 goals in 11 games. And since Messi has been injured for 8 weeks and Ronaldo isnt exactly in his best form the possabilities of Robert Lewandoski to win is high but still 20 other players are also as good as him.

We will find out this January for who wins the ultimate Ballon D’ Or.


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