Cancer: From Patients to Families, It Kills

Have you ever wondered what its like to lose your hair, to go through millions of medications and find no cure to what you have and see yourself slowly dying?Children all over the world suffer of different kinds of cancer and are fighting everyday for their life. The question is though, does cancer just kill not physically but mentally just the child with cancer? The answer is no. Cancer doesn’t just kill them. It kills all of their loved ones, knowing that their little angel might leave their side one day, and them not being able to do nothing about it nor see them grow old and become beautiful adults. its heartbreaking for for not only the patient but all of their loved ones. I’ve always heard everyone say how all of the cancer patients are heroes, but in reality, everyone is a hero, both the cancer patients and the loved ones around them. There was a beautiful story that captivated my eye and made my heart shred to pieces, her name is Cami, she had beaten cancer but then Cami was relapsed and had been diagnosed to have cancer all over again and is now fighting for her life the second time, my prayers for you little angel, but also my prayers for Cami’s mother who has to see her little girl go through so much and watch her suffer a lot of trials and pains. May god bless you all going through all of that, and especially those little angels fighting for their life.                                    – KD



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