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Soccer-Wallpaper-Shoot-BallNow a days, there is a lot of sports that most teenagers and kids like to play. The main sport is soccer. Soccer is playes by everyone beacuse its a pretty intersting sport that everyone looks forward too. Soccer is more than likely played by teenager. This teenagers get so along in soccer that they join the soccer team at their schiols, or at an academy.

What’s so intersting about soccer that everyone likes? Soccer deals with a lot of runnis and excercing. This sport its good for kids because they can be healthy as little kids. this is algo a good sport because it can distract kids and teeangers from many problems. What if a teenager is having trouble at school or with theit parents? they would go and kick the soccer ball, so that they can get things of their mind.

Soccer can also help teenagers get away from drugs, guns, and gangs. Not only that, but also it can prevent teenagers from becoming parents so young. This sport can also help childrens so that, when they get older and become teenagers they will be good at playing and they (kids) would be away from drugs, and gangs. They will be good kids.

Soccer is played worldwide. Yes, it’s going to be difficult but with a lot of trainging and practice, everything can be done. People say soccr its a bad sport because the kids don’t learn anything. Others say its just a waste of time, but if they have never played soccer, they don’t know how fun can it be.


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