Getting Ready to Shine

Image-1Getting ready for a performance is hard work when you’re about to be the star of the show, much less the silver star of the show.

Preparing for any dance is extremely challenging, especially when you want to wow the audience at everything that you do. In order to pull this off you need to be truly dedicated and be willing to work double.

It takes time, and lots of it. Hours of practice in the dance room and parking lot practicing till we can no longer feel our legs trying our very best to perfect the routine.

As a dancer you’ve got to have that little dare devil in you, never be afraid of getting hurt. You’ve got to be up to the challenge of trying new things. Always cooperate with each other and help around as much as you can.

There is never disrespect or bad attitude within this team, IT IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! You must leave whatever problems you have in the past as soon as you walk past that dance door because we work as a whole.

Not only do you have to keep up with the team but also your grades. It is very important for every single member to maintain a passing score at all times if you want to dance.

Overall this team has done remarkably well at representing our school. Keep up the great work ladies!

– IL

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3 Responses

  1. Brandon Gonzalez says:

    They dance really cool

  2. pv says:

    Amazing performance

  3. LP says:

    They are alright at dancing they need a bit of practice

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