Go Hard or Go Home: A Story of Time, Effort and Dedication

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History in the making.

The guys have been working really hard and putting in a lot of time, effort and dedication into this sport. Nobody believed in them just themselves,their coaches and some supportive fans. The great thing was they kept their head straight in the game and were always ready to play every Friday night game.

These past three games, was about “Who wanted it more?” Head coach Tommy Garcia knew their boys had a fight in it, he just had to get some momentum going on with them. They were considered the “Baby” team because, their spots are mostly taken up by sophomores. The thing is their small but hungry , if their going down they ain’t going down without a fight. Once their on the field they know their doing this, this and that. Senior QB Fernandez has been a great impact to this team, we all know hes physical,aggressive and has the last kick

After Juarez strung together back-to-back wins to enter the race for a playoff spot, coach Tommy Garcia had seniors come to his office about joining the team for its final weeks.The game you wanted to be at this past Friday was Huskies Vs. Coyotes , neither team scored the first half. We all knew one team was advancing to the playoffs, while the other teams’ journey had to come to an end. Having Gutierrez as strong safety,  has been the defense’s biggest standout for this season. Help your team succeed and you too shall be successful. SuccessIMG_4572 come from hard work and dedication.



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  1. LP says:

    Let’s go Huskies we got next year time to get bigger, faster and stronger

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