How has social media increased?

What should the world be without social media? Social media has made people more lassier by just lokking information through internet. But, we have an effect on this because it communicates people from different kind of places.

Social media has increased by being an independable source that describes an easier definition for us to understand better. It is very important for us to know how to use it because it explains our thoughts of a subject. For example, if a teacher tell us to do a work from the late 1800’s the easier source to look is at Google. It explains us what actually occur and some biases of people that describes us the events that happen.

We could immediately interfere that writers where there and that they try to make a clearest meaning for us to undestand. In the past years, the U.S did not had internet or television that know in days we have. This is reslly important because without them we wouldn’t know about what happens outside of the world. Social media has increased by bringing a positive effect by helping others.

Social media also helps you look at pictures or communicate to other places. Facebook, is the most common website people now use. Facebook, is a website that serves for chatting, calling, or see thru face to face. This helps some families know about themselves if they are not close. This is helpful for everyone, but obviously they are some kind of people that does not diserve it. Social media has had a great impact and would always serve you for everything.

Because of this, we can conclude that social media throughout the years will become increasing with better things for us to buy an

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  1. YB3 says:

    Teens are caring more about the likes on Facebook than real life!

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