Modern-Day Machismo

In the valley we have a bigger population of people of Mexican and Hispanic heritage. One of our traditions is that men are the ones that rule at home, a big part of our culture supports these “machismo” norms.  I feel this tendency toward male domination is one of the reasons we see violence in so many homes.

In this area in Texas we have a increased percentage of domestic violence. Every year the police get a numerous of call were the father is hitting the mother or kids. Many mothers think it is right for the men to be in charge. They think is normal to be hit; but they are wrong, a real man is person that respects and treats a women how they are supposed to be treated.

In many case women are afraid to report it. Some of them think is right for men to treat them like their object. Women should stand up for themself if they don’t  who will. Many women don’t leave their husband because they are to in love to realize that what is being done to them is wrong.

Some students see their father miss treating their mother. In turn, they think is right to hit a female. Girls, you should notallow that if that is going while you guys are just a couple imagine when you get married.

Love is suppost to be a beautiful experience with someone that values family and respect.


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