OPINION: Misanthropy & Why it Exists.

LeMisanthrope“What is Misanthropy?,” you might be asking. well, misanthropy is the hatred of humankind. Many teens will be saying “ugh, I hate people,” but these teens don’t exactly know what hatred is. There is a huge difference between hatred and dislike. Teens are immature and they think that they hate “everybody”. But they are so wrong, there is few people who have misanthropy. They can’t stand being around people, they are usually so negative and anti-social. The presence of humans is too much for the misanthrope. Why does hatred towards humankind exist? The answer is very simple. People are so dumb and make stupid mistakes that lead to bad consequences that many people have to suffer. One thing is being weird, and another thing is being stupid. Most humans are so dumb and do idiotic things just to follow trends.

For example, One Direction fans, they started to cut themselves in order for a “group member” to come back. Did the band do something about this? Ha! Of course they didn’t. Humans judge without knowing the truth about something. Let’s take for example, rock bands, and i am actually talking about real bands who play instruments; not wanna be bands like 1D or 5SOS. Many people judge rock bands as Satanic worshipers just because they hear the screaming and not the meaning. They rather listen to songs that talk about sex, drugs, money, and such things similar to that. Rock songs actually talk about how to deal with life, that it only gets better. Does that sound Satanic? The government, students at school, many parents, and teachers don’t think things through. They are selfish and idiots and they don’t realize it.

In conclusion, people don’t think things thru, and it bothers people with a high IQ. There is a difference of being weird and being stupid, just like there is a difference of hating the human race and disliking people. -ATC

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