OPINION: One Direction Should NOT Exist!

IMG_8853First of all, One Direction is not a band. They weren’t friends when they started their little group, when they competed in the X Factor, is when they began their “singing”. They only “sing” for the money, besides the only fans they get are little and immature girls. They call themselves a “band” when these guys don’t know how to play anything.

The members of One Direction are not familiar with what good music is all about. For example, when one of the members of this group left, their fans started to cut themselves just for him to come back. Did the group do something? Of course not, as long as they kept making money. They are selfish immature guy who like to judge but they don’t look at what their face looks like. Another reason is that they can’t even write their own songs, they do covers of another famous songs and completely ruin them.

Also their fanbase is a complete disaster. They try so hard to be “cool” when they are just going for a trend. They are disrespectful children that don’t know what’s good in their lives. The fans only focus on the band member’s looks, which by the way, they’re not attractive at all. They’re hateful and they make negative comments about anyone who disagrees with them. They make fun of people with depression. Depression is a serious thing, and those little brats think it is a game like everything else in their lives. Besides that One Direction sucks at their music, they suck at being role models for their fans. It might seem hypocritical to trash their music, but it’s actually not inspiring music. They’re just a trend and they won’t ne remembered in about 10 years or less. -ATC



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2 Responses

  1. one direction lover says:

    ONE DIRECTION IS LIFEEE dunt hate on the baes!

  2. YB3 says:

    Dont hate on their music they sing lovely

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