Perfect Christmas

Christmas_Presents-wallpaper-10488008Christmas is the time of the year when everyone in the family reunites to have a family dinner and have a joyful time. But most kids and teens dont really know the significanse of Christmas. They expect a very COOL and EXPENSIVE present. But dont worry its normal for their age and sooner or later they will know the real significanse of Christmas. But for the mean time you want to keep them happy, so here are the perfect gifts for your spoiled kids.

1: Headphones (Beats by Dr.Dre or Skullcandy etc.) Most teens would absolutely love this present because listening to music is all they do.

2: Gaming Console (Playstation 3/4 or Xbox 360/1 ) Every kid loves video games so this would make a perfect gift for this Christmas.

3: Cell Phone (Iphone,Samsung,HTC,LG etc.) Kids,teens,and adults absolutely love modern technology and if you want to make your children adore you, you might want to buy them this.

4b Video Games (GTA,Fifa,Call of Duty,Battelfield etc.) Whats the point of buying a console to your kids when they play old and cheap games so you might as well buy them new video games. With that you practically made them love you even more.

5: Anything related with their favorite sport (Balls, Cleats, Jerseys, etc.) Ball is life! Right? Not all kids and teens are obsessed with phones and modern technology so buying them this will be truly amazing to your children.

Juan Z. 7th Period

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  1. Dana B. says:

    Christmas is the best Holiday

  2. emmanuel iracheta says:

    Lol ☺☺

  3. Alan Chapa says:

    Christmas is the best holiday!

  4. Juan Zavala says:

    Best Review So Far

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