Playoffs: Here Come THE Huskies

image First time in school history! Juarez-Lincoln football team going to playoffs!! After a rough beginning they ended their season stronger than ever! Many comments made them weak, but they never broke their goals and dreams. Juarez-Lincoln still struggled at times in 2015, posting the worst offense in district even with three straight wins over La Joya Palmview, Mission High and La Joya High to close the regular season. All their hard work during those early practices and late night practices payed off.
The Huskies went 0-10 last season and started this year 0-3 in District 30-6A play before ripping off a three-game winning streak.In doing so, Juarez-Lincoln earned the right to visit Laredo United at 7:30 p.m. on FridayIt might had just started as a team with just having teammates but those loses and victories created a bond beyond measures. It’s not just a team anymore, and they are not just teammates.Now they are brothers and they got each other backs through anything.

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5 Responses

  1. Stephanie says:

    Still got pride for them

  2. Yome says:

    It’s nice ro know someone actually appreciates our husky football players. Our negative thoughts towards them always affected them and their games.

  3. Brandon Gonzalez says:

    Husky pride

  4. LP says:

    Number 88 and Number 50 stink so much that I’d I was them I quit football!

  5. Neyda says:

    Go huskies!!!

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