Sometimes What We Love Hurts Us

20110901-coca-cola-mexican-coke-taste-test-1What goes good with an afternoon meal? What else other than a freshly, cool soda. We cannot deny that soda is something we enjoy drinking but as well something that affects your health.

Soda ONLY adds excessive amounts of added sugar to your body. With this people have a greater change of developing obesity, kidney, damage, or elevated blood pressure. However, the damage does not stop there. According to Kym Klass, a Montgomery Advertiser, states that “not only does drinking soda contribute to weight gain, but is also linked to tooth decay, diabetes, and is bad for the bones.”

Overall, drinking soda affects your body negatively. There is absolutely no nutritional value in soda whatsoever. Therefore, by drinking a can of soda you are only harming your body or health. Did you know that a single can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar? This goes to show that if you are a person that drinks soda reguraly you need to put a limit to it. You should consider drinking water for it is a better form of cleaning your body than the way soda eats your body.


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  1. YB1 says:

    Many people enjoy drinking soda pop all the time,but they should also just need to drink water.

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