The Importance of Reading

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Reading is important in the lives of every single person.

Reading is something we are taught since we are small. The importance of reading is so great, yet no one realizes it. Its completely necessary to keep on reading as you grow up because it helps you a lot during school assignments.

I started reading chapter books at the age of 9 ,and I realized as the years went by how I  would understand more words than my classmates. It gave me an advantage in understanding better and getting good grades in my IMG_7215English classes. Now that I have reached high school level I see many students struggling because they don’t know how to read or spell properly.

It makes me think how that could have been me if I hadn’t picked up a book at the age of nine. And its never too late to start people might be struggling right now ,but they can improve themselves whenever they wish it. Just by picking up a book and getting comfortable with reading will change your life in school and how you feel about yourself.

By: T.C.

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