Top 10 best movies you can’t miss

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Everyone loves a good movie these are the top 10 movies you won’t regret watching.

1. Southpaw, this movie is for people who like inpirational movies with some action and drama.

2. The Minions, this movie is a movie you can watch with the whole family and actually enjoy.

3. White Chicks, this movie is for people who love to laugh and have a good time.

4. The Fault in our Stars, this movie is for the romantic teenagers that love to watch love movies sometimes sad.

5. Maze Runner the Scorch Trials, a thriller film that will keep you entertained since the first second until the last.

6.  Warm Bodies, a drama/romance type of movie that everyone in the family would love.

7. Ride Along, a hilarious movie that is going to make you laugh but not for everyone.

8. Wedding Ringer, another hilarious movie that you shouldn’t miss if you love comedy.

9.American Sniper, drama/action film that captures your attention since the first instant you play it.

10. Every Fast and Furious movie( 1-7,) crime/film thriller movie about not only racing but crime that every one over 12 would enjoy.

Ofcourse there are better movies, but these are some you should watch without a doubt you wont regret it.


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  1. YB3 says:

    I loved southpaw! A really touching movie:(

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