What’s in a motto?

mottoA motto is a phrase meant to summarize the general motivation or intention of an individual, family, social group or organization. When thinking of a motto (to be used as a tagline) for this website I started circling around a few words and phrases: success, writing, enlightenment, community, change and future.

They weren’t coming together the way I wanted, so I decided to use words that weren’t put together in a sentence, but instead, were woven together by a common theme.

Create. Succeed. Inspire. My students will create news stories, blog content and multi-media elements to succeed not only in this class, but later in life (that’s a separate blog post,) and to inspire others.

With the words set, there was still something missing. A motto may be in any language, but is Latin has been widely used, especially in the Western world and in academia. So, a visit to Google Translator later we had the final version.

Creare. Succedunt, Inspirare.


– Mr. Alaniz

Mr. Alaniz

HS journalism teacher; recovering communication studies graduate student (Go Broncs!), occasional part-time lecturer at UTRGV. I tweet, I teach, I sleep.

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