Why Does Everyone Love Chips? Top 10 Must-haves.

Yum Yummy…

Who doesn’t enjoy eating chips? Of course, the answer is no one. Most of the population LOVES chips! Everybody enjoys walking past the junk food aisle of the grocery store, especially if it includes chips. Chips are eaten nationwide and are one of the top sellers in the junk food industry.

Although we love all sorts of chips. we still have our favorites. The variety of chips is endless! There might be lots of brands and lots of types, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any top favorites.  The top ten chips include (from lowest to highest rank):

10.) Doritos

Different types of chips you are able to find in a grocery store aisle.

Different types of chips you are able to find in a grocery store aisle.

9.) Cheese Cheetos

8.) Lays Limon Chips

7.) Turbos

6.) Hot Cheetos

5.) Hot Cheetos Limon

4.) Doritos Flamas

3.) Hot Funyuns

2.) Takis

1.) Hot Fries

These are only 10 of the top chips, but of course there is more that are not listed.

The wonderful thing about chips is that they can be eaten with almost everything! For example, cheese, sandwiches, burgers, hot sauce, etc. Oh! They can even be eaten alone! They make awesome snacks. Aside that, they are affordable, easy to purchase, and even easy to carry from place to place.

Chips come in many sizes. From big bags to medium bags to small bags. There is even pocket sized chip bags!

If you are ever feeling hungry, just grab a bag of your favorite chips and enjoy!




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2 Responses

  1. YB3 says:

    Turbos should be #1!!!!!!!!

  2. Abi G. says:

    Yes. Chips are love. Chips are life. xD

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