Choosing Writing Topics: A Student’s Nightmare

There’s a lot of stories/topics to write about, well then why is it so hard to choose one?

It’s really hard to choose a topic because theirs a lot of things you can write about each topic. For example what if you like a topic but then you hear or read about another topic and you like both of them, but you can only choose one; it’s going to be hard pickScreenshot_2015-11-11-23-11-19ing one when you like both of them, but the best choice is on which one you can write more about which one you can explain better.

Choosing a topic can be difficult but frustrating at the same time, because we are also used to be given the topics on what to write about but when it comes yo us choosing one is really hard because we are used to be given everything. When you want to choose a topic you have a to think carefully on why you choose it and on what can you write about it.

It would be useless to have a topic but not knowing what to write about It, so why even choose it. That’s why think carefully on what topic yo want to write about because you need to have a lot of information for that story/topic. If you need to choose a topic you also need to make sure that it will be “INTERESTING.”

You will get frustrated choosing a topic theirs a lot to worry about and making sure that it will be a good topic!

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