Game Review: Clash of… Awesome

Clash of Clans – In this awesome 9 out of 10 star game players can waste upon hours in this fun filled game. This game was released 3 years ago and is one of the worlds top mobile app games. It is a great strategy game that requires a lot 0 patience. By this and the reason why it was not given the 10 stars was because this game takes forever to upgrade things. It can range from 5 minutes to 14 days to upgrade a single structure. Despite this the app is very great and engaging players to come up with strategies to overcome enemies. This app is must have for any person who loves to engage themselves while they play. It is not a game for everyone but it is a great game on its own. It certainly competes with other games in the ios and android market. On its own it is a great game so download it today for a new strategy game to keep you working.

Every hog raiders worst nightmare, the deadly giant double bomb.

Every hog raiders worst nightmare, the deadly giant double bomb.


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7 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    More info about this game should have been included, but I’m excited to give it a try. =)

  2. Yome says:

    Did you know there’s a demon on one of the corners of the area of the game?

  3. LP says:

    I don’t play this games dudes!:o

  4. magaly solis says:

    This game seems interesting, think im gonna download it and give it a try

  5. Manny L says:

    I quit this game, stuff gets too expensive

  6. Audiel Maldonado says:

    This game just received a huge update yesterday it has changed the game greatly. Awesome Game

  7. Juan Zavala says:

    I’m town hall 9 non rushed

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