Husky Band Excellence

The Juarez Lincoln High School Band is on its way to making history once again. The band performed on Bands of America this past Saturday September 17th. They managed to place 16th out of 25 bands. After performing under very tough circumstances, they managed to pull off an amazing run of their complete show. On October 1st the band will be competing once again on their home stadium and will have by then their show complete. Head Band Director, Mrs. Zynahia Montemayor Banda, expects to have all props on the field in accompaniment with the band’s costumes. She said, “Next week we will have our show complete, you guys need to make sure you perform this show to the best of your ability.” She does her best to keep the band encouraged to perform the way she knows they can. “I tell you things so much so that while you are marching, you can hear my voice behind your head and fix the issues.” The band certainly has a long way to go, however with the encouragement and support from their band directors they will be able to pull off an amazing and memorable season.

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