Mrs. Vigil, Biology Teacher & Student Council Sponsor


Mrs. M.Vigil was born October 15, 1988 at Houston Texas. The most Influential Person in her life was her mother Margarita Vigil. Her mother was the most encouraging parent she could ask for and looked up to her for being a strong woman always looking for different ways to be successful.

img_2508As a child many people referred to her as Mary which was her nickname. As she grew older the nickname faded away and everyone just called her by her name Maribel. As a child Mrs. Vigils greatest fear was snakes and to this day that has not changed. Her best friend was Amy Sojak, they were enrolled in the same classes from pre-k all the way to high school. Now that they are both older they have grown apart but they still keep in touch as often as they are able to.

Mrs. Vigils favorite thing about school was the extra-curricular activities she was involved in such as being a part of the dance team LJHS  Jewelettes. She didn’t really have anything specific she disliked about school. School was very important to her because her parents reminded her daily how education was very crucial.

Mrs. Vigil attended college at the University of Texas Pan American. The academic path she chose to follow makes her completely happy and if she could go back in time she would not change her career pathway.

Her first job was when she was 17 years old. She worked at the Mens Wearhouse where they sell tailored suits and dress clothes. She would work late in the evenings restocking the store and helping customers with any questions they had. Her best job is her current job where she enjoys teaching science to students and watching them grow in their ability to achieve their best.

Being an educator has had a life changing impact in her life and her ideal job would be one in which she could have more control to make actual impacts in children’s lifes.   Happiness in Mrs. Vigils perspective is just having a positive mental state. With positivity everything else falls into place and happiness naturally occurs.

Her biggest accomplishment to date is having graduated from UTPA  although she still has many more goals to accomplish. Mrs. Vigils biggest fans are her two boys, they honestly think their mother is wonder woman because she does it all! She is a fan of one particular administrator that we have here at JLHS whom  is a hard working women who always goes above and beyond in everything she sets out to do or anything given to her. The biggest lesson she has learned in life is that it’s always best to remain calm.



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