Interviewing: April Moreno

Husky Interview Series

High school is an individual journey. Every student who graduates from high school takes their experiences and bonds with them, for freshmen it’s a bit difficult to understand what life will be like in three or four years, so someone who is now in their Senior year, April Moreno, made for some good insight.


Q. What is your greatest fear?
A. My greatest fear would be not going to college and not going through with what I supposedly want to do with my life.


Q. What do you think happens after death?
A. I can’t say, I mean I don’t believe that people go to heaven or hell.


Q. So, would you say it’s just nothingness?
A. More like they’re just finally at peace.


Q.How do you think people will remember you?
A. Just as this weird random girl.


Q. What is your earliest memory?
A. I’d say going to Disney World with my family when I was about four or five years old.


Q. What is your definition of happiness?


Q. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?
A. At lunch Monday I was telling a story to my bestfriend and a friend, but I didn’t even get to finish because right in the middle of talking I accidentally spit. My friend told me “say it don’t spray it”. It was sad and funny, they kept making fun of me.


Q. What is the meaning to life?
A. I don’t know, having to do things you either like or dislike?

Now, to the end it with a hard hitting question.

Q. What is your favorite meme?
A. There are too many memes for me to choose a favorite.


By: Leslie R.

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