Interviewing Melanie


Melanie Arce is a student at Juarez-Lincoln High School, she is involved with a multitude of extra curricular activities –mostly Netflix.


Q: When and where were you born?
A: I was born on Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Q: Who was the most influential person to you as a child?
A: My grandpa was a really hard worker he was a responsible man and, even though he couldn’t attend school, he was very smart.


Q: Did you have any pets as a child? What kind?
A: I was raised with a lot of cats, an iguana, and a dog.


Q: What did you do during the summertime?
A: As far as I could remember my mom would make me clean the house and that I would constantly eat tacos.


Q: What was your favorite game?
A: My favorites were Mario Bros. and Little Big Planet.


Q: Did you have any nicknames?
A: Yes, even up until now it’s Mel and Mela.


Q: Do you recall any interesting stories related to you by any of your elder relatives that you have never forgotten and you think are worth telling to this audience?
A: My grandpa’s dad had a sheep that he always bothered but one day, the sheep bit him near the rib and he knocked her dead with a karate chop to the forehead. He hit her out of utter fear.


Q: Is there a teacher that you remember having been particularly influential?
A: Mr. Alaniz, the yearbook teacher, makes the class fun and teaches really well


Q: How would you describe yourself as a student both socially and academically?

A: I’m socially awkward with others and academically I get A’s in my classes.


Q: What sort of extracurricular activities did you participate in as a teen?
A: I do art projects, that is what I love to do.


Q: Did you have a teen idol? If so who was it and how did they spark your interest?
A: Gerard Way inspired me to never give up and help others in need.


Q: What would people you know find surprising about you as a teen?
A: A funny weirdo to hang out with.


Q: What is your definition of happiness?
A: To always be yourself no matter what other people say is what I think keep you happy and positive.


Q: What accomplishments are you most proud of?
A: Since I was young, I was never good at math but, during my freshman year when I took the Algebra1 STAAR exam I passed it. It was just the best feeling.

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