Mr. Garcia


Born on July 21st, 1985 in Abilene, Texas, Marcus Garcia is a chemistry teacher in Juarez Lincoln High School and a freshmen football coach.

Garcia often reflects on the most influncial people in his life, his parents.

“They worked hard so that my life could be easier,” said Garcia.

Among his biggest accomplishment is becoming a teacher and a coach.

“[It’s an accomplishment] because of all the young lifes I can leave a positive impact on. Knowing that the majority of my students have successfully graduated from high school and enter college. Everyday you live is a new lesson, everyday you learn something new,” said Garcia.

On his spare time he does make it a point to relax. ” I enjoy spending time with my friends BBQing or playing video games,” said Garcia.

 Edwyn Uvalle, Ricardo Ayrriaga, Saul Delgado

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