New [School] Year, New You

Starting a new school year is a lot like January 1. We (students and teachers) think about the last year and decide to continue what we were doing previously or to make changes. This moment of contemplation presents an opportunity for all of us.

Pause for a minute and think about the months of August through May, a lot happens during this time.

We teachers retreat to data analysis and to lesson planning, trying to make next year better than the last -always striving for more. More academic gains, more social gains, more of all the good.

Students (that’s probably you,) you should be doing the same. High school only lasts 4-years, and you get one shot to make the most of. Positively challenge yourself and challenge your teachers. Think. Speak. Do.


– LA

Mr. Alaniz

HS journalism teacher; recovering communication studies graduate student (Go Broncs!), occasional part-time lecturer at UTRGV. I tweet, I teach, I sleep.

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