OPINION: Do students do more work when using their phones?

Every single day the teachers remid us to put our phones away, because thats the rule. Yet when students put their phones away they are always sneaking to reply back to a text. Ive seen that when a student use their phones they are doing all their work in class.

I feel that’s weird because it should be the other way around. Students should concentrate more on getting used to doing their work without getting distracted with their phone. But yet students still use their phones, I feel students work better with their phones, it might take some practice, but they can learn to pay attention and do their work while managing their technology.

I think that students take everything as “thats not important right now let me answer a text first ” instead of simply just getting their work done first, something I feel had led to the amount of websites the school internet blocks, something I feel is not useful either because students will just try to find a way to go around whatever is stopping them from being on their phones.

Students should just appriciate teachers and be happy that they have free school to have an education and to have someone that actually takes time to come to school and to educate them as well, but that is not going to happen over night.

In the end, everyone needs to find the right balance and I feel this is not happening.

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