TACRAO: Meeting the Seniors


TACRAO’s yearly round-up has come. This is a day where universities and colleges talk about what exactly they have to offer and how they are different from others. Graduating high school seniors have questions answered and have new information to help determine which university best suits them.

Every year La Joya I.S.D alternates as to which school will host TACRA and it was Palmviews turn to hold the college representatives and the seniors of the other schools in the district.

My Perspective:

I was not sure what this would be about, I knew we would meet colleges, but I did not know what to expect. At about 1:15p.m all seniors were asked to go to the cafeteria to be herded all together to be shipped off on 6 school buses to Palmview High School. All I brought down from the bus was my student barcode that could easily be scanned and give my information to any university and Mr.Alaniz’ slick black Cannon camera that hung around my neck. La Joya was scheduled before us and they were finishing up there meets with the reps while we were sitting patiently on the bleachers eagerly awaiting our turn.

All universities had there own table side-by-side others with the same get-up on each table, information packets, pencils or pens, pamphlets, and some even had stickers. Schools like UNT, Texas A&M, Wesleyan, Midwestern, and UTSA were there to answer the students questions. I went to meet and get filled-in with admission, scholarship opportunities, and what kind of programs they have. Some tried to sell me on photography programs, but I just tried to get as much information about what kind of psychology programs they have.

Occasionally, I would take pictures and was actually in the middle of taking a picture when I was interrupted by my friend Victor who picked up a bit of his shirt to show off his pocket of at least 20 different ink pens. “Only go to the colleges you are interested in,” a teacher told us. This rule was not followed with the amount of pens he had. I am not going to lie here,  when many students were gathering around one table I snuck my hand to grab a few pens for my home boys Victor and Rudy. After I had finished talking to the universities I favored, I was rolling with these nerdy thugs.

We went to a table and there was not representative there, but they had the coolest pens, so we just took one for each of us but then we felt kind of bad so we filled-out our information so the school could contact us, because we felt like we were stealing. (You know we are good kids when we feel bad about stealing free pens.)

Our hour and a half was soon over and we came back to our school with pockets full of pens and new info about colleges. This was quite a meet.

Briana Martinez

2016-2017 Yearbook President. Quirky. Weird. Creative. Meow.

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