The Secret Life of a Friend: Arturo Ramirez

Husky Interview Series

Arturo Ramirez

Arturo has been a close friend since my freshmen year of high school, when I first heard that we had to interview someone interesting and or has a secret talent I instantly knew he was the perfect fit. He was born into farming; he wakes up before the rooster crows and tends to the animals at his farm with multiple acres. Not only is he a rancher/farmer, but he has a secret fighting talent in MMA. He is a fighter and a farmer.


Q: So, how did you get into MMA?

A: Well, I needed to get into something that could really take away my anxiety, and as a kid cage fighting has always been an interest of mine so I tried it and loved it. I like the discipline and motive it gives me.


Q: Where do you go to work-out and or to do this MMA stuff?

A: Some place in Harlingen. I rather not say *puts his index finger to the center of his lips* Shhhh.


Q: I know you go to competitions and such, what competitions do you go to?

A: Yeah, um, there is one main competition I like to go to in Houston. It usually holds like 500 contestants.


Q: I have heard you placed many times-

A: I always place either first or second, I have never gotten anything below that.


Q: Wow. You’re good. What is the prize?

A: I have won $500 each time, along with a belt, and a giant trophy.


Q: What do you do with the money? Do you spend it on all your lady friends? *winks*

A: Oh my goodness Briana!  *he chuckles and responds* I place the money in savings. I like to be smart about money.


Q: Tell me about your farm life. What are some of your chores on the farm and how did your parents get into that?

A: Farm life is calm. I tend to the animals; feed them, ya know clean them, ride the horses, and such and as for my parents, they love animals and rural areas so this really is a passion of theirs.


Q: Are you passionate about farming?

A: I love it, but the love is not as strong as my parents.


Q: Would you consider being a farmer or pursuing a different career?

A: As much as I love farm life, my dream is to be a civil engineer.


Q: Civil engineer is a pretty big job. Why don’t you consider a future in the MMA?

A: I love MMA, but it is a hobby. I need something I can fall back on. I have actually been called by UFC urging me to try out when I am 18.


Q: I know you do not want a life in the octagon but if you tried, do you believe you could make it professionally?

A: Maybe, but UFC is very different from the MMA I do. I just do not want to go down that road. I want to be a civil engineer.


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