This Goes Out to the Seniors

This is for all the seniors.

I have had many bad days in school….I survived…

I survived a scary place; coming to a new district…in a new year…in a new school…my freshman year…not knowing a single soul (I threw up my first day and cried)

I survived many bad grades

I survived losing some friends

I survived bullying & rumors

I survived falling down the main stairway (about 5 times but whose counting?)

I survived about 4 heartbreaks

I survived hard classes

I survived stress and anger

I survived with an average of 5 hours of sleep, because homework keeps me up


I had many good days…Days in which I lived…

I lived through trying to talk to new people

I lived through making top 10% in my graduating class

I lived to made the greatest friends I could ever ask for; I love you guys!

I lived when I stood up to bullies and rumors don’t bother me *puts in earphones and dances to Young Blood by The Naked and Famous*

I will live to meet somebody who treats me right; I think I already have…

I lived through making A’s in A.p and Dual classes

I lived through happiness, love, and euphoria

I lived to dream of something better


I have dealt with bad days, but there is a lot more good… I made memories here in Juarez. Despite what other districts think of us (coming from a girl who used to be in the P.S.J.A district), I love this school. I love my friends and my teachers. I found myself here. I am loud, expressive, creative, weird, quirky, a dreamer, a do-er, a fighter, sometimes stubborn, and I don’t care what you think about me.

Briana Martinez

2016-2017 Yearbook President. Quirky. Weird. Creative. Meow.

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