13 Reasons Why

I will rate this series 5-stars. This series contains controversial topics that society is afraid to go into detail and has become a serious issue amongst teenagers. In a way, it is a severe virus that is incurable.

829B13EE-3A91-48B4-8BF8-19B56612A17EIt is guaranteed that by watching the series, the audience may relate to the problems and situations as the story flows. It starts off with a young girl named Hannah Baker who attends high school, just like any new student in high school she was worried about fitting in. Little by little her thirst for just being accepted turned into a nightmare. Every school day became torturing her.

What people saw as little problems they took a huge role in her decision to commit suicide. Things such as rumors, fake friends, offensive jokes and even the fact of not being heard were important factors towards her decision.

Unlike any other teenager that makes that drastic decision towards their life Hannah decided to leave behind thirteen cassette tapes each containing the reason on why she did it and who was the person who caused it.A7DDB5DB-6556-4FD2-9079-5AB04D1AA622

The tapes are arranged in chronological order, and when the person is done listening to them, they have to pass them down until all thirteen people have heard them.

The journey begins when Clay the guy who had a crush on her pursues to find the exact reasons behind her decision not knowing about the tapes. After finishing the series, it’ll change your way treating people and make you pay more attention to the people around you. It promotes the prevention of suicide and the harmful effects of bullying.





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