Little Pretty Liars


I rate Pretty Little Liars 5 stars. This tv series has everything that will have a teenage girl sitting on her sofa for hours. It has romance, drama, and mystery.

This series is about five best friends; Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Alison trying to solve the mystery of who “A” is.

In this tv series, “A” is trying to expose all the secrets the girl had, secrets only Alison knew, but the only issue is that Allison has been missing for some time.

Pretty Little Liars is capable of having you watching the series for hours. Every episode keeps on bringing you more surprises.

Whenever an episode comes to an end, it leaves you with the urge to keep watching. And you don’t have to worry about the series being too short and coming to an end, because of its eight seasons long with around 20 episodes each season.

Pretty Little Liars is available on Netflix.

Jackeline Hinojosa

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