In Southpaw, Billy Hope had an amazing life; being the current junior middleweight boxing champion. Most importantly he had his wife Maureen Hope and his daughter Leila Hope. But suddenly a tragedy happens that turns his whole world upside down losing everything he had, even his daughter. He then gets one more opportunity to fix everything with a new coach, but most importantly he gets his daughters love once again.


Billy Hope- Jake Gyllenhaal 

Maureen Hope- Rachel McAdams 

Titus “Tick” Wills- Forest Whitaker

Leila Hope- Oona Laurence


Money Made: In total, the overall money made with the movie was 92 million US dollars!


Thoughts: Overall Southpaw is one of my favorite movies, it teaches us to continue fighting for what we want no matter how hard it may get.

A. Portillo


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