Taqueria El Zarape

I  give Taqueria El Zarape a rating of 5-stars out of 5.

It is located at 4401 N 23rd St. Mcallen.  Simply opening the door, we get the scent of fresh, delicious food being cooked just for us. The baked potato with the melted cheese is always on point and is an especially. A special part of my trips.

Staples, such as the beans are always tasty, not too cold nor too hot; however, the main item that attracts me to the restaurant is the delicious Taco Pirata.

The meat in the Pirata is juicy and tender and contrasts perfectly with the crispy flour tortilla.

The staff at El Zarape always greet us with a warm smile and are very polite, which combined with speedy service, keeps us coming for more.

By: C. Ggamez

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