Taqueria Mary’s

Taqueria Mary’s gets all 5 stars.
Taqueria Mary’s is the best taqueria I have ever been to. The tacos are to die for and don’t even get me started with the baked potato or “papa asada.” It’s so cheesy and creamy just the way I love them.

During my visits, I always order the hamburger, complete with ham, lettuce, and avocado, with fries and soda to go with it. I love how much effort and energy they put into doing their food. It has achieved so many great things during the past years, IMG_4960 IMG_4965and it just keeps on improving day by day.

The people in there are so hardworking and care about their customers. It’s like they do everything with love and joy.

People all over the world come to the Valley and ask locals about the local food –Taqueria Mary’s gets my recommendation for visitors.

It’s just the best I’ve ever tasted, and I highly recommend for people always to try and go there, they won’t disappoint you.o

T. Garza

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