Why Do We Love Video Games?


For us video games are our life, video games contain all of the arts like music, literature, cinema.

We can find in video games elegant riddles, gory moments, precision practically poetic.

Video games are our life not just because they allow us to be a knight, dragon, God, or a mighty warrior it is because we can express ourselves without physical or moral limits.

Gaming is more than just an industry or business is all the hours you spent fighting against the final boss, music that brings you happy or sad  memories, the unexpected gift that you found under your Christmas tree, the feeling when you touch the controller, is the button A, it is you the player, video games are portals to express our happiness and remember us those moments when you have played with your friends online, when you finally get that game you have been waiting for, also video games are so good and bad for us.

Never lose that emotion you feel when you play, don’t run away from your childhood, after all, who are we when we do not play?



By: Cesar S.micro-genius-nes-copy-bootleg

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